Uwe founded POWERSTATION 247 in 2011 in Herford, Germany and incorporated the company in 2012, in Marco Island, Florida. He is the company’s visionary and entrepreneur. Uwe holds a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering from the College of Engineering and Telecommunications in Rheine, Germany, in 1978 and went on to receive multiple international awards for his sales and distribution achievements. He founded VSP, Vertriebs Service Partner GmbH, Germany in 1980 serving as Master Distributor Agency in Germany for CMI, Clerical Medical Insurance and Capital Management, Britain, for almost 30 years. Before founding POWERSTATION 247, Uwe was an accomplished sales representative and consultant with Germany’s GFE HELIOS ON AND OFF GRID TECHNOLOGIES Vertriebs GmbH. He oversees all aspects of POWERSTATION 247 including the project’s marketing, sales, engineering and POWERSTATION 247s’ assembly.